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Are you employed, and want to re-mortgage for a better rate? Or do you want to do so to raise capital? Whatever your reason, we are happy to help.

At Re-Mortgage Fast, we take pride in providing excellent advisory services as well as great customer service for our clients. If you are looking for the best mortgage advise to help you take a quick decision, our professionals will give you the right information. It is as simple as calling our direct line.

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Services at Re-Mortgage Fast

If you are employed and seeking a better mortgage rate or re-mortgaging to raise capital for a business obligation, we can help. Our free quotation service will avail you with attractive options for mortgages and rates you can easily access.

We have a sophisticated scanning system that we use to search the UK market for the best lender rates. Whatever your individual needs or qualities, Re-mortgage Fast will advise you accordingly for the best deal.

What are your options in Hampshire?

Being employed gives you an advantage because lenders can trust you to deliver on your monthly payments. This means you have a steady income and if your scores are satisfactory you can negotiate better deals for the total amount and interest rates. Our system is straightforward, and within a few days to weeks, we can help you secure a suitable lender.

What you need to know

We help our customers get the best mortgage rates by guiding them through the following steps.

Determine the loan amount you want

If you are thinking of switching mortgage lenders so that you can save money by getting a lower rate, you need to know the outstanding amount from your current lender. Also, if you work in Southampton, Portsmouth or Basingstoke, find out if you will be expected to pay an ERC (Early Redemption Charge) for breaking the tenure prematurely. However, if you are still paying the introductory rate to your lender, an ERC charge is highly likely.

We often advise our customers to consider the ERC carefully as it may affect the total loan amount they pay in the long run. Switching mortgage lenders may reduce your monthly payments, but it is also good to weigh the associated costs.


Should you increase your loan to pay off other credit?

When switching providers, you may likely increase your loan amount to factor in the costs of other credits. It is advisable to think about the financial implications to avoid overwhelming yourself. Do you foresee a promotion in the near future? Are you expecting a good pay out soon? If yes, you can afford to increase your loan amount. Ideally, we shall advise you if it is a smart to increase your mortgage to pay off your liabilities.

Record the personal details of your mortgage agreement

As a mortgage adviser, one of the first things we do to help you get the best product for your needs is to study all the information about your personal situation. Among basics such as your identification, primary address and lending history, we will take a careful look at your income status, credit record, regular expenses, financial obligations and so on.

It is important to provide this information because it makes it easier to pair you with a suitable mortgage provider. Our fact-finding process is thorough and effective. You can agree to a face to face meet or discuss these details via the internet.

How do you determine a suitable mortgage lender?

Tell us your preferences. What are your expectations for a new mortgage? If you want to be eligible for overpayments or payment “holidays”, or if you would like to fix your rate for a specific period, our mortgage adviser can find a lender along these terms.

Submitting your application letter

This is an important aspect of the application process. Your personal and other financial details need to be complete for the lender to consider and approve your application. Re-Mortgage Fast will provide you with a capable adviser who will ensure all the details of your application letter successfully meet the requirements for a loan request.

When do you hire a solicitor?

New property deals always require you to have a solicitor available. They will act on your behalf to study the terms and conditions so that you do not feel underhanded. Before signing any permanent agreements, do let a solicitor read the documents first. If you don’t have one, we can suggest a reliable solicitor for you. As an incentive, some lenders offer to pay for conveyancing costs.

Valuation and confirmation of details in Hampshire

As soon as the mortgagee gets your application, they will perform necessary background checks to verify the information in your report. This may include checking your employment background, house address, credit history and so on.

After that, a valuation of the property will be carried out to determine its viability against your loan amount. The value of properties in in Andover, Waterlooville, Aldershot, Farnborough, Fareham/Portchester, Eastleigh and Havant may change regularly. While some lenders do this for free, you may be charged valuation costs by others.


How to handle the mortgage offer

If after conducting the necessary background checks, and your information is verified, the lender will approve the application. Although some people fail at this stage, Re-mortgage Fast’s clients usually get an approval because we use efficient processes to complete the applications. The lender then issues a formal “mortgage offer”. Accepting these terms binds you and the lender legally.

Before availing the funds, it is likely that your lender will expect you to meet certain conditions. For example, obtaining a valid building insurance policy is essential for many providers.

Conveyancing and completing the offer

A copy of your mortgage offer will be forwarded, not only to you, but also to your solicitor and mortgage adviser. The solicitor will set a completion date based on the instructions in the offer. Depending on the lender and the conveyancing company, this process might take a week or more. As soon as the file is ready for completion, and the new lender avails the funds to your solicitor, they will pay down your existing mortgage and give the rest of the funds to you.

At Re-Mortagage Fast, our methods are systematic and thorough. We leave nothing unchecked which is why we have an over 90% success rate with clients’ mortgages.

Are you employed and looking to re-mortgage your home?

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