How to Sell Your Home

Are the current market tides in your favour? Perhaps it is time to re-mortgage your home, or sell it and buy a new one? Such decisions will depend on several factors. You need expert advice to sell successfully.

The thought of selling your home can be daunting, especially if you are also searching for another property to acquire at the same time. The decisions you make during this period can cost or save you several thousand pounds. It is therefore advisable to get help from a reliable mortgage broker.

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At Re-mortgage Fast, we help homeowners like you make the right decision when it comes to taking another mortgage or selling your property. We provide advisory services and connect home sellers with professionals and prospects in the industry. What steps should you take for best results? How can you maximise your sales?

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Selling your home in Hampshire

Do you live in Hampshire? There are opportunities for property sellers in the county. But before you rush into it, there are several things to consider.

Should you sell at all? Asking yourself this question can help you decide if you are selling for the right reasons. If you are selling because you want more space, think of an extension; attic conversion or a basement dig out. Price changes are also an important factor; ask yourself, is the current rate good? After all the checks, if you are good to sell, then proceed with the next stage.


  • Sort out your finances


One of the first things to do is inform your mortgage lender about the decision to sell your home. You should also find out the amount of your outstanding mortgage, and if you are going to be paying any penalties for cutting your mortgage prematurely. Most lenders in Southampton, Portsmouth, Basingstoke and other areas generally issue a penalty.

You will also need to value your house to determine how much you will have left, after paying off your mortgage and outstanding costs. Remortgage Fast can connect you with RICS approved valuers in Hampshire. Before buying a home, you should also consider the budget for the mortgage you will need. Always make it an estimate in the early stages.



  • Are you going to buy or rent in the meantime?


While renting can add to the general cost, it also reduces the pressures associated with buying a new property. However, selling your property before you buy a new one gives you enough cash and negotiating power to buy your dream house. It also means you won’t be embroiled in the hassles of a house chain. Our mortgage experts can also advise on these decisions.


  • How will you sell the property?


There are various options for this decision. Depending on your budget, preference or urgency, you can choose to sell it yourself, use a high-street agency, or an online real estate company. If you are selling the home yourself, don’t hesitate to ask us for advice. While High-street agents tend to have ready takers, online agents are significantly cheaper.


  • How much will you sell your home?


This is one of the most difficult aspects of home selling. It is important to be careful here because if you set it too low, you undersell your property. But if you set the price too high, you risk having it on the market for too long. Based on the original valuation, we usually advice home sellers to list it at a reasonable amount.

You can also use the comparative listing strategy. If your property is in Gosport, you could check the price of houses of similar size and design in the neighbourhood. The same method may be applied to properties in Andover, Waterlooville, Aldershot, Farnborough, Fareham/Portchester, Eastleigh, Havant and so on. When you have an average, set a token mark-up and list your price as thus. Factor in buyers’ negotiations too.


  • How do you prepare your property?


This is for presentation to a prospective buyer. The way you stage your home can facilitate purchase. Many professionals will have you know that things like clutter, a bad curb appeal or an outlandish remodelling can dampen interest in the purchase of your home. Hence, clean up. Add a fresh coat of paint to the rooms, repair minor fittings, and bake some cookies to rid of bad smell.


  • Hire a Conveyancer


Property sales is a highly documented affair. Because you will be dealing with things like deeds, titles and ownership rights, it is extremely essential to hire a conveyancer or a solicitor. Remortgage Fast can point you in the direction of credible solicitors.


  • Meet and discuss with your prospective buyers


Homes hold a sentimental value to some people, and as such, it is usually important to know whom they sell it to. If this is the case, you can interview the buyer and determine if they are the kind of residents you want in your former house. Otherwise, you may proceed without further ado.


  • Accept the offer


Negotiating is another important aspect of selling your property. Re-mortgage Fast also provides consultation services for sellers who may not be as savvy at negotiating as they would like. After settling on an offer, you are formally required to accept it with signed documentation. This is where a conveyancer/solicitor comes in.

After accepting the offer, a period for drafting the contract will be agreed on. In most cases, the completed contracts are exchanged 7 – 28 days following the offer acceptance and agreement. During his period, you will also confirm the full payment.

When the contracts have been formally exchanged, you will be legally expected to move out of the property so that the new owners can move in.

Hand over the keys to the buyers and move into your new accommodation. It is important to sort these details before completing the sales or you will be stranded.

Working with Re-Mortgage Faster

Re-Mortgage Faster helps homeowners make informed decisions about their mortgages, and facilitate a smooth transition. We can advise you while you sell your property; this will maximise its value and help you to get a better mortgage agreement for the new home.

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