First Time Buyers

Buying your first home should be a happy affair, and with the help of our experts at Remortgage Fast, you can get all the information and guidance you need to lead you towards making a wholly satisfying purchase.

When purchasing your first home, there’s so much to keep in mind and we can stand by you all through the process to ensure you make all the right decisions from start to finish of the process. What makes buying a home such a significant event is the fact that it’s a long term investment that consumes a lot finances. If the wrong sort of investment is made when purchasing your first property, it can lead to regrets. Because of how important your first real property purchase is, we recommend you go about it with the assistance of experts like us at Remortgage Fast. Our specialists can make the entire process less daunting and actually turn it into an enjoyable one with a happy ending. Our services can guide you through the purchase process as well as through when the time comes for a mortgage.

By talking to us, you can get answers to all the important questions that will make your first time home shopping experience a less stressful one. Examples of such questions include; Is the lease on the property long enough? How much can be borrowed on it? What and how much costs will the property raise each month? What about stamp duty, valuation fees, solicitors and agents, and so on?

To ensure you get exactly the services you need with the right results, we will assess your current circumstances and provide you all the information you need concerning the maximum mortgage you can take out on a newly purchased home.

By taking advantage of our First Time Buyers service, you will find estate agents and sellers for properties you are interested in more willing to work with you because the issues concerning your mortgage are already sorted out.

Whether you are looking to buy your first home in Basingstoke, Portchester, Fleet, or any other part of Hampshire, we can provide the services you need at a friendly price. Get a free quote today by using our online form or place a call to us on 02380-970-879.

What costs are associated with buying your first home?

To ensure you don’t end up exceeding your budget when looking to purchase your first home, it is important that you have a clear understanding of all costs and fees associated with a home purchase. By identifying these costs, you can make them a part of your budget.

Our experts at Remortgage Fast can provide you all the information you need concerning said costs and help you navigate how to go about ensuring you don’t pay more than necessary when purchasing your first home. Below are some common fees and costs you might come across.

Mortgage fees. These are the fees that will be requested by a mortgage lender in order to process your mortgage application. Certain mortgage lenders charge less than others and operate transparently by not inserting any hidden fees. We can inform you concerning which mortgage lenders offer the friendliest fees that will help you save on costs.

Surveyor and valuation costs. These costs will come about during the process of appraising the value of the home you intend on taking a mortgage on. By knowing the value of the property, it will be easier to determine the maximum mortgage you can take on it

Legal costs. This refers to fees that will be paid to solicitors for drafting contracts and facilitating the home purchase and mortgage process.

Insurance. The cost of home insurance is something else to take into consideration. Asides from insurance, there are other bills from the new home to take into consideration such as electricity and water bills.

To discover more about costs and to receive expert guidance, contact us through our online form or call us on 02380-970-879. Our services are available to prospective buyers looking for homes in various parts of Hampshire, including in Winchester, Waterlooville and Petersfield.

What mortgage deals are available for first time buyers?

The sort of mortgage deal a first time buyer can sign up for is entirely dependent on his/her needs and preferences. There are several types of mortgage deals to select from and the best way to determine which is best is by considering what the homeowner intends on achieving by taking a mortgage loan.

You can opt for a fixed rate mortgage loan whose interest rate will not change during the entire duration of the mortgage agreement. This means that the same interest rate you agreed to at the start of the loan is the same you will pay till the end. The advantage of this is it removes all uncertainty and lets you know exactly how much needs to be paid each month.

On the other hand, you could opt for a variable rate mortgage deal. Variable rate mortgages differ from fixed rate because the amount of interest that will be paid monthly is prone to changes. Said changes can lead to you paying either a higher or lower interest rate in subsequent months depending on changes in the market. The advantage of this is you could end up paying significantly low interest rates for a majority of the duration of your mortgage loan. But there’s also the chance of paying very high interest rates in the event of unexpected surges. Some mortgage lenders offer borrowers the option of a capped rate mortgage which puts a limit on how high the interest rate can rise. By opting for this option, you can protect yourself against paying unsustainably high interest rates.

Professional Advice whenever you need it

Our highly qualified mortgage experts in Hampshire are more than happy to provide all the guidance you can possibly need as a first time buyer. By contacting us, you will have access to insightful recommendations that will lead you towards making all the right choices and avoiding common pitfalls.

For those looking to buy their first home in Andover or Fareham or any other part of Hampshire, contact us today on 02380-970-879 for a friendly chat. You can also send us a message or get a free quote via our easy to use online form.