Critical illness

Critical Illness Cover in Hampshire

Your family is important; which is why you deserve expert consultation to help protect your kit and kin when it matters.

Are you concerned about what would happen to them if you suddenly fell critically ill? Perhaps you have current debts or mortgages they will be unable to pay? In such a situation, it is proactive to set up a critical illness insurance plan early. This will cover the expenses for your family if sickness prevents you from doing so.

At Re-Mortgage Fast, we provide intelligent advice for people looking to provide a safe landing for their loved ones in case something happens to them. We can do the same for you.

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What is a critical illness insurance?

A critical illness plan is an insurance cover designed to pay out a lump sum if they are diagnosed with certain dangerous sicknesses. For example, a plan may be set up for stroke, a heart attack or other fatal diseases.

Who is a critical illness plan for?

This plan is for individuals whose families want a full amount of money if they have been diagnosed with a severe illness. Because these people may be unable to support their family financially, this money could be used to pay off certain debts or more importantly, the mortgage on a home. In some cases, it could even be used to complete house modifications.

The quality of the plan and the nature of sicknesses covered can vary considerably with different insurance companies. It is important to discuss with an experienced consultant to get the best deals.

Re-Mortgage Fast has expert advisers on its team to help you choose a suitable provider and a plan your family can benefit from if anything happens. Whatever your requirements, we can scout a great offer for you.

What type of critical illness is covered in this plan?

A critical illness insurance plan will pay out if you are diagnosed with any of the medical ailments or injuries specified in the policy. However, it is important to note that not every sickness is covered by the plan. The policy will also state the severity of the illness.

Some people confuse a critical illness plan with a life insurance policy. While they are sometimes sold together, both plans are different.

Examples of sicknesses that may be covered by the plan include:

  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Some forms of cancer
  • Heart attack
  • Coronary disease
  • Kidney failure
  • Blindness
  • Motor neurone disease
  • Severe burns
  • A benign brain tumour

Not every policy will cover the sicknesses as they are listed above, or common ailments such as a back injury, an angina and other treatable cancers. It is therefore advisable to check with your provider with the necessary details before committing to one.

Alternatively, if you are too busy, we can provide a curated list of providers for specific illnesses you are concerned about. Within New Hampshire, we cover Andover, Waterlooville, Aldershot, Farnborough, Fareham/Portchester, Eastleigh, Havant and so on.

What illness is not covered?

Some severe ailments may not be covered in a typical plan. A few examples include some types of cancers, malign brain tumours and diabetes.

You will likely not be covered for pre-existing health conditions which you already know about prior to taking a policy, and the insurance won’t pay out if you die. Once again, you are well-advised to study your coverage terms and conditions to avoid regrets.

Critical insurance covers in Hampshire; do you need one?

If anything goes wrong, the state benefits might not be sufficient to replace your income. If you are eligible, the benefits from welfare range from £70 per week to a little over £100.

However, this will depend on your individual circumstances; do you have children? How much savings do you have? Does your partner work? Questions such as these will be taken into consideration.

Consider getting a critical illness cover if:

  • Your savings are not sufficient to cover you or your family if you fall seriously ill or become disabled.
  • Your company doesn’t have an employee benefits package to shield you if you are unable to work for a long period due to sickness.

Do you live in Southampton, Portsmouth or Basingstoke? You can contact us for more information.

Who does not need a critical insurance cover?

A critical insurance cover is not for everybody. But it is always good to have it at the back of your mind.

You may not need it if:

  • Your savings are more than enough to buoy the family and cover the mortgage costs, bills, loans and medical expenses while you undergo treatment.
  • Your partner can cover the expenses and other shared commitments such as the mortgage.
  • Your employee package has a cover for situations like this; a benefit scheme to support associated expenses.

Does it cover disablement?

Many plans include a Permanent total disablement (PTD). If you become permanently and totally disabled because of an illness that is not included in the plan, you could still claim the serious illness benefit.

However, there are two types of cover:

  • Any occupation PTD
  • Own occupation PTD

With Re-Mortgage Fast, you can discover great options from insurance providers in your area. We have helped many Hampshire residents sort out their critical illness insurance policies.

How much does a critical illness cover in Hampshire cost?

While the location itself does not have an influence of the cost of premium, the type of job and risks you take are a strong determinant.

Other factors are:

  • Your age
  • The amount of cover you want
  • Whether you smoke or used to smoke
  • Your medical history and current health status
  • The duration of the policy

The limit of insurance you take is completely up to you.

Knowing that your family is protected in any situation where you are not around will give you peace of mind. Other insurance policies you might want to consider include, mortgage indemnity, life insurance, household and payment protection.

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