Buying Overseas

In the event you decide to purchase property overseas, it is strongly recommended that you first seek professional advice. This is because the laws and policies abroad concerning property acquisition will likely differ greatly from what you are accustomed to in Hampshire and the UK. For example, there will likely be a difference in the process of seeking a mortgage for overseas property. Nonetheless, there are several mortgage options that people looking to buy property overseas can explore and we at Remortgage Fast can provide you all the guidance you need.

If you possess a large amount of equity in your UK property or own it outright, you have the option of raising capital for a purchase of overseas real estate by arranging for a further advance from your current mortgage lender, or you could consider releasing equity through a remortgaging deal. Both options are quite straightforward, and our experts can help you facilitate the one of your choice to raise funds for a foreign purchase.

But keep in mind that same as with all mortgages, if you fail to settle the loaned sum as at when due, you can lose the UK property which the loan was secured against. We can provide all the assistance you need to prevent such an eventuality. If you are from Farnborough, Havant, Basingstoke, or some other part of Hampshire, contact us today on 800-2345-6789 for quality mortgage broker services. You can also reach us via our online form for mortgage advice for your situation.

UK Lenders for Properties Abroad

There are mortgage lenders in the UK that specialise in providing mortgage loans for property purchases overseas. Remortgage Fast can put you in touch with the best possible lenders that offer the best deals to facilitate overseas property purchases. The institutions that offer such services are usually international institutions with foreign subsidiaries. Applying for a mortgage to buy overseas might not be as straightforward as getting a mortgage for a property purchase in Hampshire or the UK, but we can help make the process as quick and stress free as possible.

Alternatively, you can apply for a mortgage via an Overseas Mortgage Lender. While this option is viable, it does come with certain downsides such as a homeowner’s inability to promptly seek redress in the event of a mis-sold mortgage.

Whichever choice you opt for, Remortgage Fast has got you covered. Get a free quote now by using our online form. Or contact us via phone for a friendly chat on how we can get you the mortgage services you need to acquire the overseas property of your choice.

What to keep in mind when buying property abroad

To ensure you get the best mortgage deal to finance your overseas property purchase, we can provide specialist mortgage advice. The process of buying real estate varies from country to country due to different local customs and legal systems. This means that a home buyer who is poorly informed can be led astray without proper guidance from an expert.

Some people choose to arrange for an overseas mortgage in the currency denomination which they earn an income. But if it happens that the property buyer intends on receiving rental income from the purchased overseas property in local currency, we often advice that the mortgage be taken in the local currency. But the decision is often dependent on what the mortgage lender permits.

For our clients who have residential property in Fleet, Petersfield or other parts of Hampshire, we help them get financing by remortgaging and releasing equity from their Hampshire property. Get a quote for our services today by using our online form.

How can Remortgage Fast help you buy abroad?

Buying a house abroad without first seeking proper guidance can lead to undesired consequences. At Remortgage Fast, we have a team of experts with years of experience in the real estate financing sector. Our expertise in the market isn’t limited to only Waterlooville and other parts pf Hampshire as we can also assist you in buying a house overseas.

Depending on the country you are looking to purchase in, we can help you source for a mortgage lender that can provide any of the following types of mortgage or remortgage deals;

  • Fixed Rate Remortgage
  • Standard Variable Rate
  • Flexible Remortgage
  • Joint Remortgage
  • Offset Remortgage
  • Online Remortgage
  • Current Account Mortgage
  • Repayment Remortgage
  • Tracker Remortgage

We are familiar with the real estate laws of several overseas countries as well as their local house buying process. This puts us in the ideal position to provide you all the professional advice you need. Call us today on 800-2345-6789 or get in touch with us through our online contact form to get all the help you need from a trusted mortgage broker.

Brief guide on buying abroad

In order to get a property abroad that’s in line with your expectations, it’s important that the following are first carried out;

  • An independent valuation of the property should be performed by a competent valuator. By having the property professionally valuated, you as a potential buyer will know what the true worth of the property is and this will help you when the time comes to negotiate price. Another benefit of a valuation is it will indicate any problems the property might have, including possible boundary disputes.
  • It’s important to fully understand the property sale contract before signing it. If the contract is in a language you do not understand, have it translated by a professional and explained by a solicitor of your choosing. Contracts should always be checked by a specialist in order to prevent you agreeing to any terms you might regret in the future.

Get mortgage for an overseas purchase through experts you can trust

We are specialist mortgage brokers who have access to international lenders that can provide home purchase loans or re-mortgage financing for overseas properties. Our services will help you choose the right mortgage by investigating every minor detail and showing you mortgage deals that best match your needs. This include considering the interest rates, currency values, and Loan-to-value ratio (LTV) of different lenders to find the right one for you.

Our services are available to residents of Gosport, Fareham, Eastleigh, and every other part of Hampshire. Use of our online form now to get a free no obligation quote. Or give us a call today on 800-2345-6789 to discover more about our services.